Please advise your choice of font from the list availalble giving us the name or number. Please note that each one can be adjusted to the required size.

The maximum dimensions of your project

MyQUERSUS lets you add your own personalization within an area the size of

9 x 8 cm

(on all cushions, except for special editions)

8,5 x 3 cm

(on special edition chair cushions)


We cannot accept designs which include the following:

- Content which could be interpreted as inciting violence;
- Insulting or discriminatory material;
- Inappropriate slang;
- Profanities ;
- Any material we would not wish to appear on our product
- Any content that violates the trademark of a third party or their intellectual property rights (such as professional sports teams, celebrity names, phrases, words, or colour or design combinations used with certain words). Designs must adhere to our guidelines. QUERSUS reserves the right to refuse any submitted design.

We also require you to email us a scanned copy of your completed declaration with your signature. If you do not have a scanner, a photo of the declaration can be sent attached to an email.

Download statement

We will notify you via email if we are unable to accept your design for any reason. It will not be possible to complete the personalization until you submit a design which is acceptable. Should you wish to appeal the decision, please contact us by email.

How to order a Quersus personalized cushion

Once you have placed your order (and ordered the personnalisation service MyQersus), you need to pay for the order and then send your design or text to us at: Please ensure it complies with our conditions of acceptance. We will then advise you of the proposed realization date.

For an illustration (picture, mark, graphics) of your own design, or one you have purchased as also with a registered trademark, please send a sample via email in .cdr, .pdf, .ai (fonts need to be changed from text to curves or outlines), .jpg formats.

Should you require text only embroidery (initials, slang or your name) please advise us of your choice of font and the colours required. We are unable to embroider using a font that is not shown unless the text is vectorized (changed to curves/outlines) and saved in one of the following formats: .ai, .cdr, .pdf, .jpg.

Do please attach the attached declaration when sending your email as this is needed before processing your order. It is available to download from the link shown below:

Download statement

Please note that we cannot process your order until we receive this declaration!

Samples of our work:

Design Your Own!