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The QUERSUS chair has been designed in Europe. Both the innovative construction and design have been patented.

The old generation gaming chair is a much copied shape, based on the bucket seat style used in cars in the 1990’s.

The QUERSUS chair is stable and perfectly balanced. The backrest inclines within safe limits.

Poorly balanced chair. Risk of the chair tipping over both backwards and forwards. Additionally, release of the backrest causes it to return forcefully to its original position.

Aesthetically pleasing, fully integrated SYNCHRO mechanism.

Simple TILT mechanism. Impractical handles are mounted separately and soon wear out.

Durable, high quality class 4 piston included.

Unspecified class, poor quality piston.

Aesthetic, minimalist and elegant appearance. No more tacky side plastic covers.

Side mechanisms covered by cheap plastic covers. Mechanism capable of causing injury to hand.

Simple assembly of seat to backrest by means of a reinforced steel bracket.

Seat and backrest assembly more complicated using multiple items made of ordinary materials.

The QUERSUS chair possesses a specially designed built-in adjustment mechanism in the lumbar area.

The old generation gaming chairs have a makeshift cushion attached using elastic. This is unstable and slips out of place.

Patented design ergonomic headrest cushion made using memory foam. Option of personalizing cushion – MyQUERSUS.

The headrest cushion on these chairs is filled with a cheap foam that becomes misshapen with use.

The entire seat is constructed by shaping it in a mould.

The seat is composed of multiple elements.

The entire chair is covered by thick foam shaped in a mould.

Mostly sparse foam, some areas lack any filling.

Generous amount of cold-cure foam in a QUERSUS chair.

The foam in traditional gaming chairs is noticeably thinner. There is a metal rod inserted into the foam which detracts from comfort of use.

Modern, durable construction, welded using robots. The seat frame is additionally strengthened with a metal plate.

Frugal construction, webbing belts used where we have metal reinforcement.

Thick, durable cover with improved breathability

Thinner cover which can flake after a time.

Cover fits perfectly.

Frugal construction and cover as well as sparing use of filling affect the look of the chair.